Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, or a tad more cynical, we’re giving you a little gift this February 14th.  Feast your googly, heart-shaped eyes on our 5 great email marketing tips!! 😍

Make your first move irresistible with a strong subject line.

Be personal! Personalised subject lines have 22% more chance of being opened. Stand out from the crowd while being creative with emojis.

No, really, emojis!

Emojis can increase open rates by 56% when compared to plain subject lines. Ensure your subject line marries well with the pre-header text, use this as your chance to add more clarity to the email content while increasing your opens by 7.96%.

Show that special someone what they’re missing out on

Be tempting with your offer while ensuring you’re getting the relevant message to the relevant audience.

Whether its dynamic content within the email body or segmenting your data, be direct! To the point that it seems like you’re only speaking to one person.

Keep the email copy short, sweet and with a sense of urgency to encourage the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)!

Get those clicks

Entice and appeal to ensure that they click through to your website or landing page! Including a CTA button can achieve 28% higher CTR compared to plain underlined text.

Is it bold enough? Is your eye directed straight to it? Experiment, make it more exciting than ‘FIND OUT MORE >’

A mobile love story

66% of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet – there is no excuse, your design must be mobile-friendly. Take the extra time to test send your email to your desktop and mobile. Check both previews and play about with the display options. The email experience should be seamless regardless of the device!

Nobody enjoys awkward first date chat

Last but by no means least, write like a human! Expressing your brand personality while being direct and friendly will make you appear more trustworthy while making recipients more likely to engage in your content.


We know we said five tips, but we’re feeling the love so much at For-Sight Towers, here’s an extra tip for you!

Make sure their heart skips a beat when they see you

Your featured image is key in highlighting your offer so this image must be of high quality. GIFs are a great replacement of a main image but please remember that not all email clients support GIFs. To ensure that you get your offer across seamlessly, it is crucial that your main message displays on the first frame of a GIF!

If you’d like to talk to the For-Sight team about how we can work with you to give your marketing some TLC, click here.


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Although Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily celebrated this side of the pond, we’ve certainly adopted its consumer counterpart, Black Friday. Being the day after the penultimate American holiday, it usually denotes the first day of Christmas shopping.



Black Friday gets its name from a range of sources. Originating in 1869, it was the name given to the financial crisis in the United States’ gold market.

Since then, it has been used throughout history to describe a day of hardship and chaos. In the early ‘50s, the term Black Friday was established as the Thanksgiving aftermath as this was a day renowned for workers calling in sick, therefore monopolising on a four day weekend.

At this similar time, it was used by the Philadelphia police because it described the chaos brought on by the hordes of people capitalising on the first day of Christmas shopping. Ever watched footage of a US shopping mall on Black Friday? Mayhem ensues.

Today, however, it is referred to as Black Friday as it denotes the first day that many businesses finally make a profit, hence getting out of the red, and into the black – which is fittingly less of a hardship and more of a harvesting.



It is, therefore, no surprise that in the 21st century “Cyber Monday” was also conceived out of the holiday season run-up. With the decline of the high street and rise of the click-to-buy mentality, most Black Friday purchases are now transacted upon online. One market in which this mentality is prevalent is the hotel industry. With the rise to dominance of the OTAs and the direct marketing rebellion that accompanied, many hotels/brands have now begun reaping the seeds they’ve sown in through their guest retention strategies and the CRM systems that allow them to do so.

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