Great National Hotels have partnered with Forth Communication Limited to offer Forth’s state of the art For-Sight Guest CRM as part of their portfolio.

Great National is the UK and Ireland’s largest independent hotel management and marketing services provider. They offer a full portfolio from end-to-end Property Management Solutions to a proven range of Marketing Services for independent hotels throughout the UK and Ireland including Channel Distribution, Brand Affiliation, Digital Marketing, Reservations outsourcing and Revenue Optimisation.

Shona Cleary, Head of Digital & Data at Great National Hotels said “By partnering with For-Sight Guest CRM we are able to offer our hotels the ability to take their guest communications to the next level by leveraging the power of their data. For-Sight will allow our hotels to drive direct relationships with their guests, through tailored, personalised content and automation, while maintaining the highest standards in data security and compliance.”

Developed by ISO 27001 accredited Forth Communication Ltd, For-Sight Guest CRM delivers a data management solution specifically geared to the hotel sector, to leverage guest data providing personalised one to one communications. With rule based automation and dynamic personalisation to drive direct bookings and maximise upsell opportunities, For-Sight will allow the Great National Hotel group to build upon guest loyalty and increase revenue return.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Great National Hotels to offer For-Sight to their hotels. It is a privilege to work with such a forward thinking and innovative group with a great reputation for delivering results throughout the UK and Ireland,” said Allan Nelson, Director of For-Sight. “Great National Hotels desire to embrace and push forward with new technologies demonstrates their commitment to the growth of their hotels and desire to stay ahead of the curve.”

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Edinburgh, (December 15th, 2017) – For-Sight & Village Hotels announce the
success of their CRM implementation helping to aid guest communications.
Village Hotels, a modern brand with strong leisure and recreation appeal,
approached For-Sight Guest CRM seeking guidance in the replacement of their
previous system. Village desired an effective Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) system equipped with an email-deployment function for
their central team and 29 hotel sites across the United Kingdom.
With a total overhaul of all technological structure from the Property
Management System (PMS) up, Village have streamlined and simplified their
data management and guest communication channels with the help of For-Sight
Guest CRM. The success of this overhaul is visible through the continuously
improved results in ROI and increased guest retention, as well as improved
engagement rates in guest communications.
This has been achieved through the cleansing of Village Hotels’ existing
guest data and the application of open API frameworks gathering multiple
sources of data into one platform, creating a single customer view.
At the point of For-Sight acquiring Village’s large pool of guest data, the
percentage of engaged email addresses sat at 8.3%. After the first 6 months
of For-Sight’s intervention, this figure leapt to 36.7%. Not only this, but
the January sales trebled targets and gained a Return on Investment ratio of
23:1. This has also lead to an increase of 100% in email generated revenue
in the first 12 months of use, all from data primarily considered as lapsed.
“Through the efforts of For-Sight Guest CRM and that of their partners,
data driven communications have gone from playing a bit part in Village’s
marketing plans to being a major revenue stream and critical part of the
guest retention strategy going forward” said Village Commercial Director
Rob Paterson.
For-Sight continues to work with Village on their guest communications with
increasingly comprehensive strategies, ensuring every element of Village
guest communication is covered with as much automation as possible, and
with every singular guest journey as bespoke to their needs as possible.
Grant Stewart
Forth Communication Ltd
Tel: 0131 467 4467