About For-Sight

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For-Sight is developed and owned by Forth Communications Ltd. At Forth we’ve been in the business of data management for marketing for over 25 years. After mainly working for financial services clients, we took a call from Turnberry in 2008. Their marketing people described their data problem to us:

  • They had a difficult PMS to get data from which was called Opera
  • They were working with multiple sources of data which did not talk to each other.
  • This data was very unclean and getting older
  • They wanted to segment their data, understand their guests and send them personalised communications.

They asked that we use our knowledge on preparing data for mailings and create:

  • A Single Customer View
  • With clean data
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • With an online tool to be able to query the data
  • With a link with an email tool to have the data run straight into it

After several months of blood, sweat and tears, For-Sight was born. Fast forward to today, many more big names have come on board, we’ve been through three iterations of the software, an integration with the Dotmailer email platform and we now have over 300 hotels using the service.

During that time, we have also added many more features & functionality, as well as building a dedicated team around the product, headed up in a CEO capacity by Allan Nelson, one of Forth’s owners & directors.